Retaining Walls

TOP QUALITY Site Grading LLC is proud to offer a different types of Retaining Walls services.
Retaining wall is a structure that are designed and constructed to withstand lateral pressure of soil or hold back soil materials. The lateral pressure could be also due to earth filling, liquid pressure, sand, and other granular materials behind the retaining wall structure. There are various types of retaining wall structures which are used for numerous goals.

Types of Retaining Walls

  • Reinforced Retaining Wall
  • Concrete Cantilever retaining wall
  • Counter-fort / Buttressed retaining wall
  • Cantilevered wall
  • Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall
  • Soil nailed wall
  • Anchored wall
  • Sheet Piled wall
  • Pile wall (secant piles, tangent piles)
  • Berliner wall (soldier pile)
  • Soil nailing wall
  • Bored pile wall
  • Mechanical stabilisation wall
  • Crib wall
  • Green retaining walls
  • Barrette retaining wall

Retaining Walls

Reinforced Retaining Wall

Concrete Cantilever retaining wall

Repair & Restoration

The repairs of brick and stone are often not as critical as they appear. We frequently repair, rather than replace, giving you a cost-effective solution. Simple mortar repairs are often required on newer homes due to the lack of proper mixture of cement and sand. Through time, slight movements of our homes lead to cracking. We are experts in removing mortar and installing correct, rich mortar cleanly so no new residue is left. This is called “re-pointing,” or sometimes “tuck-pointing.” Re-pointing should be considered whenever existing mortar joints are eroded 1/3 inch or more from the face of the masonry, or if the joints are visibly cracked or separated from the masonry units. Re-pointing involves removing the old joint mortar, repairing any damaged masonry and filling the joints with fresh, strength-tested and color-matched mortar. We repair brick, cast stone, concrete, granite, limestone, marble, plaster, sandstone, slate and terra cotta. Masonry restoration is an art – it requires well equipped, well trained, and caring craftsmen to do the job correctly, and that’s where we come in!

Brick and Stone Works

Stone is well-suited for both interior and exterior uses, including fireplaces, waterfalls, ponds, fountains, steps and decorative walls. Stone masonry provides beauty, permanence and enduring popularity. There are many different types of natural and overlay stone: natural stone, limestone, granite, sandstone, slate, flagstone, split-fieldstone, veneer stone, cobblestone and manufactured stone. For years architects have used stone to improve their designs and increase the overall beauty of a custom home or building.

Outdoor Kitchens

We specialize in building beautiful outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and stonework barbecues. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces have become very popular and many new homes are being built with one or both at the edge of their patios. Top Quality builds everything from basic BBQ grills with simple cooker inserts and small counter spaces, to elaborate concrete, granite, stone, or tile countertops with large grills, sinks, cabinets, refrigerators, trash compactors and any other appliance you can imagine! We also offer wide selections of veneer in brick, rock and stone.

Concrete Driveway and Patio

From everyday ordinary concrete to the creation of “one-of-a-kind” structures, we’ll meet your needs and budget. We provide concrete restoration, the removal of old, damaged concrete and/or the installation of new concrete. A decorative concrete porch can be part of a stunning entryway to a residence. At some homes, the entry or front porch can be built larger than normal to create places to sit or gather to talk. Steps can feature stamped concrete and raised flowerbeds can be tooled to match the flatwork’s stamped pattern.

Driveways have become a style statement for homeowners and greatly enhance the “curb appeal” of a home. No job is too small for Top Quality. We can replace your old concrete driveway or we can help you design a new driveway that will compliment your landscaping. We are experienced with stamped concrete and colored concrete driveway installations. We offer a wide selection of colors and stamp designs.

Retaining Wall and Waterfalls

Retaining walls are generally built in order to retain soil or provide drainage control. However, retaining walls also provide aesthetic and landscape design functions. A courtyard wall around a patio can serve as additional seating and retaining walls can be built to gain additional space in your yard.

Top Quality builds beautiful waterfalls. Our rock or brick construction depends on the style of your landscape and whether or not your waterfall sits at your pond’s edge, flowing directly into a pond. Perhaps your waterfall is away from your pond’s edge requiring differing kinds of rock placements. You may want mini-waterfalls with “stair-like” areas incorporating flat rock or sandstone ledges. We’re eager to design and build out your custom waterfall area.


We believe excavation and grading go hand-in-hand with the environmental protection of the project. 

Concrete Work
Retaining Walls


The entire crew was amazing and such hard workers. The guy driving the excavator was impressive and extremely skillful. It was incredible to watch! Amazing and super efficient 👏 Highly recommend!



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